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1st Impression: G.I Joe: Retaliation


The first G.I Joe film had some many things wrong with it but there were shades of potential that in the right hands would make this franchise become more then another cartoon adaptation. It seems that with G.I Joe: Retaliation they went back in the lab and focused on the a tighter story and a closer resemblance to the source material. The casting choices across the board seem solid and I like they are bring in characters like Jinx,Firefly,Lady Jaye and Roadblock to expand the Joe team. I do have issue with the Rock being the center of attention for this film but I can see why they chose to do it. Bruce Willis as the original G.I Joe  aka Joe Colton brings some humor and another a-list cast member to the film. I did see a shiny Cobra Commander mask which put a smile on my face since the asthma machine wearing Commander was total shit. Can this film erase the mistakes of the previous G.I Joe? Check the trailer and sound off in the comments or on the fanpage.

[Source: TrailerAddict]
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