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1st Impression: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance


When Ghost Rider first received the big screen treatment I was very excited to see such an effects heavy character brought to life. Once the credits ended though I was pained with task of acknowledging that the film frankly sucked. Sure you can blame Nic Cage,Eva Mendes or even Wes Bentley for his vomit inducing performance as Blackheart. But at the end of the day it was just a poorly laid out interpretation of a character who is extremely dark and quite violent.  When adapting violent heroes to the big screen one must not loose sight of the fact that if you censor them you end creating a bastardization that will alienate true fans. See X-Men Origins: Wolverine for more proof.  Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are looking to give Ghost Rider the hard edge we all know from the books. With films like Crank and Crank 2 under their belt I know they’ll deliver on the action but I still feel Cage is not the guy to play Johnny Blaze. Frankly I would have liked to see a younger actor take the reigns either as Blaze or as Danny Ketch.  One thing I did notice before I leave you with the trailer was a Marvel Knights graphic which I hope leads to more darker Marvel films with characters like Blade,Ghost Rider and of course The Punisher. Share your thoughts on the trailer in our comments section or on our fan page.

[Source: TrailerAddict]


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