As soon as you name drop a successful movie there is a certain expectation for greatness. Most times if the phrase “from the director of” is thrown around you can gauge if a film will suck or not. When you use “from the producers of” or some other nonsense you usually get mediocrity. 300 was a kick ass film that has become a staple in any action movie fans library. Before throwing on the red & blue tights Henry Cavill will play the role of Theseus who leads the armies of humanity against Mickey Rourke and his band of chihuahuas  and cockatoos . I kid of course but it seems strange to see Rourke in a sword and sandal film. Will this movie capture the magic of 300 or be a holiday dud? See for yourselves and share your thoughts in our comments section.

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  1. Mixed feelings. Every time I hear an “epic pre-battle speech” it means toss up as to whether the story is any good. The action will undoubtedly be fantastic though. Hopefully it gets an R ating.

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