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1st Impression: Kinect

While at the NY Comic Con this past weekend, I had the chance to test the newest peripheral from Microsoft known as the Kinect. After testing the Sony Move and coming away unimpressed, I really felt that the Kinect was going to suck or be really sub-par. I was proven wrong during this test play simply on the grounds of movement sensitivity and overall immersion into the game. The Kinect bar functions much like the Wii bar and Eye Toy in capturing player movement. One of the things that caught my attention was that the system created virtual skeleton that combines with your avatar to replicate all your movements.  Movements like brushing your shoulder and even  John Cena’s “you can’t see me” gestures were picked up with ease, and from a light jump to a hard slap, all the moves were very accurate. From voice activated commands to immersive motion gaming it seems the Kinect has everything covered, but you will need ample space for multiplayer and should consider that before purchasing. Check out the exclusive My Take Radio videos for yourself and decide if $149 is a worthwhile investment come November 4th.