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Pokémon HG/SS players can score Mew in October!

Probably the most elusive of the current 493 pokémon, Mew is finally being made available to players of the HeartGold/SoulSilver series who have access to a wireless internet connection. Probably the biggest giveaway Nintendo and Game Freak have had for the series in a long time because the last time I can recall Mew being legitimately distributed was when pokémon was on the pea soup green Game Boy screen – yes it’s been that long. Starting tomorrow, October 15, 2010 and ending after October 30, 2010, get the ONLY pokémon that can learn each and every teachable move in the game – every TM and every HM! Fans had better not miss this special event because there is no telling when or if there will be another. Much thanks to MTR forum member B0Bomb for this info. Get full details on the rare pokémon giveaway HERE.

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