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NY Comic Con TV Panel Details….Get ’em Here!

So, as most of you probably have heard, the New York Comic Con was this past weekend, bringing a reported 100,000 fanboys and fangirls to the Jacob Javits Center and yes, my feet are still recovering.

In addition to all the kick-ass comic and gaming stuff that went on, there were a few TV panels that were of interest. Here are the details we learned…


During the panel for

V, fans got to meet and greet the show's stars Morena Baccarin (Anna), Laura Vandervoort (Lisa) and, if you are familiar with the original series, the first V Queen, Jane Badler.

The panel let loose that Season 2 will have a much larger focus on action in the storyline. Good news, since heavy dialogue was a point of critisicm for the first season. (This didn't bother me much, as I felt they neded to build the characters first.) We also learned that Jane Badler will be guest starring during November sweeps as Diana, Anna's mother – who has been secretly imprisioned. Nice.

V's executive producer Steve Perlman let fans know that Season 2 would be faster, fiercer and more lizard-y- and to emphasize that, he gave fans a 15-minute treat of what's to come. He did however, note that “we won't see a full-scale alien invasion for awhile.”

The Fifth Column is going to gain some speed though – expanding into a global effort aided by new member Oded Fehr (you may know him as Carlos Olivera from Resident Evil: Extinction). Head Baddie Baccarin said that Anna will  be facing dissent among the ranks following the season-finale cliffhanger of war on mankind. Laura Vandervoort also teased that Lisa was about to enter a form of “alien puberty”. “It's something she can't understand.” said Vandervoort. Well, obviously.

All in all, V will continue to stay on my DVR.

The Walking Dead

AMC's panel for the upcoming zombie series “The Walking Dead” was so popular that thousands of fans were turned away after the IGN Theater was filled to capacity. This sadly, included MTR staffers Slick and Ant. However, never fear, Andrea is here! My sleuthing has uncovered the details on what was so darn popular.

Those lucky enough to get a seat got to see a 6-minute clip of Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) running through a flesh-eating zombie mob, running and killing along the way.  End result? Fans were drooling over the preview. Robert Kirkman (writer of the Image Comics series this show is based on) asked, “Do you still have doubts?” The answer was a flurry of cheers. So I guess not.

This series follows Grimes as he searches for his family in a zombie apocalypse. Panel guests were executive producer Gale Anna Hurd, director Frank Darabont, and several cast members. Those were Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes), Laurie Holden (Andrea), Jon Bernthal (Shane), Steven Yeun (Glenn) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon). Joking, Kirkman said “It's very hard to be around to be around these actors because I've killed a lot of them.” Of course he was referring to the comic.

Soft-stomached viewers beware, one common result from the panel is the knowledge that “The Walking Dead” will be chock full of horrifying death and intense gore. “I can't believe it's on television,” said Holden.  Darabont stated that “the show will go further than any AMC show has before”. Viewers will get to see if he is telling the truth when “The Walking Dead” premieres this Halloween – Sunday, October 31st.