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1st Impression: Maniac

This version of Maniac is a remake of the 1980 film of the same name. I remember seeing the original that I rented from Star Search video in the Bronx with my brother when I was younger and it was not your run of the mill slasher flick. When I found out that we were getting a remake and Alexandre Aja was involved I was excited because I knew we would not get some lame PG-13 off camera killings littered with young Hollywood stars who are out-of-place in the horror genre. Alexandre Aja did the very underrated High Tension aka Haute Tension as well as the incredibly disturbing Hills Have Eyes remake and his involvement with this film guarantees some gruesome violence that is a  throwback to horror films of the old days. Elijah Wood impressed me as the villainous Kevin in Sin City and his work in this film definitely looks like it will not disappoint. I am hoping the general release of this film gets it to local theater so I can enjoy it on the big screen and not have to wait till on demand. Anyone out there see the original Maniac?

Source: Trailer Addict