My Soul to Take Poster

Can it be? A horror movie that is rated-R and seems interesting. We might have a winner a folks with the exception of the damn 3-D


  1. It’s not even the 3D, this movie looks like trash. I was listening to the description and I said to myself, “this sounds liek a rehash of Nightmare on Elm Street.”

    and look who made it.

    Big, effin’ surprise.

    Hollywood is dead. The creative spirit that was Hollywood was beaten, tortured, raped and brutally murdered. She didn’t scream, she just whimpered and tears streamed down her face.

    God save us all.

  2. LoL it’s funny that now when we see 3D it makes us reconsider seeing the movie, as opposed to the expected response of making us want to see it more.

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