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1st Impression: Ocean’s 8

Enjoy the latest trailer for Ocean's 8.

Director: Gary Ross | Writers: Gary Ross, George Clayton Johnson
Cast: Sandra Bullock (Debbie Ocean), Anne Hathaway (Daphne Kluger), Helena Bonham Carter (Rose), Sarah Paulson (Tammy), Mindy Kaling (Amita), Rihanna (Nine Ball), Cate Blanchett (Lou)

Release Date: 
June 8, 2018

Plot Synopsis: Debbie Ocean (Bullock) gathers a crew to attempt an impossible heist at New York City's yearly Met Gala. via IMDB

1st Impression:
The Ocean's series with George Clooney while a remake of the Frank Sinatra classic stood on its own due to the chemistry between the cast and the solid stories Steven Soderbergh brought to life. This new film is not a remake but in my opinion, more of a sequel to the Clooney trilogy which I would have no problem with except that the trailer just feels flat and lacks the charm and chemistry that made the other films so good. I'd like to be wrong with this assessment and just attribute my feelings to a lackluster trailer but it seems many people are feeling the same way. I truly want this film to be good as good heist films are few and far between especially with the amount of star power at play here. We'll see how it plays out in June.

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