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1st Impression: Robocop

If you have been listening to My Take Radio over the last few months you have mostly likely heard me speaking ill of the Robocop reboot. Reboots have always been a mixed bag for me because most times they are piss poor and do an injustice to the source material. The original Robocop was a dark and violent science fiction classic that actually had been submitted to MPAA 12 times before securing an R-rating and the notion of PG-13 Robocop genuinely concerned me.  I felt we would get a watered down version of a character I grew up watching.

Source: Toyark

I had the Robocop toys with the cap gun strips and watched the short-lived cartoon and TV series as well so my expectations were and still remain high. That of course brings us to the trailer of the Robocop remake which it pains me to admit is quite good and has changed my opinion of the film. While it may never be a classic like the 1987 original it definitely has enough elements to warrant a watch. What did you guys think of the trailer? Have you been swayed like I have?

Source: Trailer Addict