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Verizon Wireless Pre-Orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note III Begin Tomorrow

Verizon Wireless may have the best wireless coverage in the country, but they are usually the last company to get the hot new Android devices and the updates for said hardware. It looks like maybe that is not hte case this time. I personally was hopeful when Samsung said that the Note III would launch in over 149 countries on September 25, 2013. While nothing is confirmed, Verizon Wireless is the first of U.S. wireless carriers to announce pre-orders for both the Samsung Galaxy Note III and its companion device, the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Hopefully this means that they will have the device available on the launch date. I hope their servers are strong because come 9AM EDT tomorrow (we’re not in standard time yet, VZW!) people are gonna hit that site like it’s Wal-Mart in Valley Stream (too soon?). If you want what may very well be the next big thing, get up early, turn on your computer and get your clicking fingers ready!

(Will update this article with the pre-order link when it becomes available)