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1st Impression: Snow White and The Huntsman [Extended Trailer]


As we all know Hollywood sometimes double dips a lot quicker then usual nowadays. When I heard about the two big screen adaptations of Snow White and that they were so close  on the release calendar I knew that one would prove to be better than the other . Currently in theaters we have the more family friendly Mirror Mirror which by all accounts is more lighthearted retelling of the story we all know. Snow White and The Huntsman is a more stylish,violent and darker vision of the classic which I am sure will be a factor in its success. My only issue with this film is the concept that Kristen Stewart is “fairer” than Charlize Theron which sounds superficial but is something I have heard quite a few people discuss.  I also feel that Stewart’s acting is still one-dimensional and hasn’t evolved from the lip biting cardboard cutout she played in the Twilight films. Which Snow White film are you going to see?

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