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Bald Rage: Pumyra Joins the ThunderCats

One of the original fantasies of furries

On April 28, episode 19 of ThunderCats is scheduled to air. It is titled “The Pit,” and will feature a Thunderian refugee named Pumyra being forced into gladiatorial combat for the amusement of the canines. Longtime fans will remember Pumyra from the original show. When the ThunderCats first meet her, she is also a in forced servitude, but it was Mumm-Ra who had Hammerhand and his Berserkers capture her along with Bengali and Lynxo, the only other three Thunderians to survive the explosion of Planet Thundera.

Bengali and Pumyra help Lynxo after he is blinded

There is no info on what the new Pumyra will be like other than her being forced to fight. Not much was really revealed about the original character either. She was a healer and actually did not like to fight. With her being a puma, she was the greatest jumper of all the ThunderCats and utilized her “cat’s tail” as a sling to toss explosive pellets. Lynxo has already appeared in the premiere episode and Bengali might make a cameo in the “Native Son” episode, which airs on April 14th. Whatever may come, I hope that Pumyra adds to the story which has been a bit lackluster as of late. Maybe Lion-O will finally get a girlfriend or she will at least teach him to stop being such a whiny S.O.B. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.


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