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1st Impression: Supergirl (Extended Trailer)

CBS unveiled their upcoming Supergirl series that will be competing with Gotham in the 8pm Monday timeslot this fall. While I was not sold on the costume in the initial photos or Melissa Benoist being able to do the character justice I will admit I was pleasantly surprised that I did not hate the trailer.  I think it was my subconscious telling me that Greg Berlanti could do no wrong after the stellar work that he's done on both Arrow and The Flash. It also helps that the pilot was directed by Glen Winter who also worked on Arrow.

The big question is will Supergirl share the screen with The Flash, Arrow or any of the other heroes on the CW‘s DC roster and continue to establish DC's “?

I will give it a shot this fall and see how it unfolds. Can  Berlanti and crew deliver another great DC story for the small screen audience? We'll find out this fall.