As with all super hero films we know the inevitable movie tie in is sure to follow. Spider-Man will be no different  as The Amazing Spider-Man game strives to resurrect the Spider-Man game franchise. The main selling point in this game seems to be the open world platform which I think suits Spider-Man games more than the standard stage by stage platform used in previous entries. I did notice that the streets did not seem crowded which if you are showcasing areas like Midtown Manhattan this would need to be changed. On a positive note at least in the game the lizard looks less lame than the toy mock ups we’ve seen.


  1. Beenox has been hot and cold with there past spiderman releases both of which had a good amount of hype around of them. Shattered Dimensions was fun and took a different look at the traditional spiderman gameplay, the follow up Edge of Time however I heard took a big one. I dug the amazing spiderman trailer, from the dub-step music to the charter models and graphics. Great points that we need to see a tech demo where there is an actual population of city npcs to see if it affects the speed that was on display in the trailer. I want this game to be good and what will determine this will be how much effort Beenox will put behind story and creating addictive gameplay as they did in Shattered Dimensions. BEENOX YOU CAN DO IT!! 

  2. Next trailer better feature some more actual Spidey-foes or BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO all the way on this game.

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