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Why You Should Watch: New Girl

Sometimes you just need a half hour of real laughs to filter through all the reality and cop shows that are on these days. I find that while some TV comedies seem so promising, most barely get a chuckle out of me. Others just wither away and die (see: the Steve-Carell-less Office).

So, to save you from a laughter-less existence, I have decided to shower you with a series of my Top 5 comedies on network TV (in random order) that will surely make you spit your beer or soda at the TV, maybe even drop your popcorn. Here is my first pick:

Show: New Girl

Network: FOX

Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm.

Cast: Jess (Zooey Deschanel)

Nick (Jake Johnson)

Schmidt (Max Greenfield)

Winston (Lamorne Morris)

CeCe (Hannah Simone)

Let me preface this post by saying how annoying Zooey Deschanel was to me prior to this show. Even her cotton commercials irritated me. I don’t know why. However, after winding down after Glee with New Girl, I now love her.

Quirky? Yes. Weird? Sure. Addictive? You betcha. The show centers around Jess (Deschanel), a oddly strange gal who breaks up with her douchebag boyfriend and moves in with 3 everyday guys. Enter her new roommates: Nick, Schmidt and Winston. All three men have their own quirks as well, and they mesh perfectly. Schmidt is HILARIOUS and I may love him more than I do Jess. The show has the most random moments of pure delight mixed with real situations. You know you know someone in your life like each of these people.

The first season of New Girl has proved itself a worthy show for FOX, having earned Golden Globe nominations for Best Television Series (Musical or Comedy) as well as a nomination for Deschanel for Best Actress (Television Series Musical or Comedy).

Here’s a taste of what you may be missing– unfortunately I could not find a clip of the slo-mo Chicken Dance to “Groovy Kind of Love”, which was epic, so check out Episode 3 entitled “Wedding” for yourselves somehow.

Here are some clips – but there is so much more. I highly recommend giving this show a shot.