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1st Impression: The Amazing Spider-Man



The new re-imagining of Spider-Man got unveiled to the world in all its glory this week and there is a small portion of my soul that doesn’t totally loathe it. While I feel that Andrew Garfield and his giraffe neck are not my choice for Peter Parker I do have to respect the impressive visuals displayed in this trailer. We get to see some great action sequences as well as glimpses of The Lizard which I am still not completely sold on. My gripe continues to be the constant reuse of the origin story to set the tone. We all know how Spider-Man became what he is and even if you are using the Ultimate Spider-Man origin you are still giving the audiences yet another origin story. July 3rd we’ll find out if the Amazing Spider-Man is a bigger draw then Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. What do you guys think of this new re-imagining? Share your comments below.

[Source: Trailer Addict]
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