The new re-imagining of Spider-Man got unveiled to the world in all its glory this week and there is a small portion of my soul that doesn’t totally loathe it. While I feel that Andrew Garfield and his giraffe neck are not my choice for Peter Parker I do have to respect the impressive visuals displayed in this trailer. We get to see some great action sequences as well as glimpses of The Lizard which I am still not completely sold on. My gripe continues to be the constant reuse of the origin story to set the tone. We all know how Spider-Man became what he is and even if you are using the Ultimate Spider-Man origin you are still giving the audiences yet another origin story. July 3rd we’ll find out if the Amazing Spider-Man is a bigger draw then Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. What do you guys think of this new re-imagining? Share your comments below.

[Source: Trailer Addict]


  1. It looks pretty average. We will see if they put the money into it to make the special effects look good. Costume looks like ass.

  2. I think it should be good but I really won’t know until I watch it, from what I see in the trailer it looks pretty good and I’m excited for it but we’ll have to see how it goes first but hopefully it outshines the first three and be the best Spider-man of them all.

  3. Treading cautiously for the time being until its in theaters. Still don’t think Garfield makes a suitable lead.

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