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Slick’s Quick Hits: The Search For Tobin Frost (Safe House tie-in game)


Denzel Washington stars as the dangerous ex-agent Tobin Frost in the upcoming movie, Safe House, in theatres this Friday, February 10th. Last week, MTR members Andrea and Rich had the opportunity to see the premiere of Safe House and I have heard nothing but positive things about the movie. We look forward to Rich’s review in the next few days. Universal is going hard wit h the promotion of the film and I am happy to say that they made a game for it. I know, you’re thinking “Slick is happy that there is a game for a movie?” The reason is that instead of doing a cash grab on the consoles, they decided to add to their hype machine. The Search For Tobin Frost is a web-based game in the same vein as Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? The difference is, of course, Carmen never killed people.


Like I said, this game is meant to hype the movie, nothing more. It features music and voices from the movie and you have roughly 96 hours to find Frost. You’d think that four days is a long time but most of your actions will deplete that clock with a minimum of minus one hour to as many as twelve. You will interview and possibly bribe informants to get closer to your target as you travel the world. You have to be careful though because you can only bribe thee people in a given game and you only have one lifeline back to HQ in Washington D.C.

Now this is a web-based game which means you are at a computer (duh!). If you cannot find Frost then you probably cannot pass an open book test either. Google is your friend here so the bribes are not always necessary. This game will be attractive to those who like to think a little bit as well as those who like free stuff. The game rewards you with movie clips not seen on TV and basically makes you really want to see Safe House, so whether you win or lose, I would call this “Mission Accomplished.”

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