As the Pirates of the Caribbean winds down Disney prepares to try its hand at new franchise with The Lone Ranger. While I remain hesitant about this movie being successful I have to admit the Johnny Depp’s transformation into Tonto looks far better on screen then it did in the photos we saw earlier this year. Kids will always love pirates but now its time to see if they will rally behind cowboys.

Does Disney have another winner on its hands?

Source: Trailer Addict


  1. Well i guess that counts lol its not as bad as white washing the character at least he has some indian in him

  2. Depp has native american heritage which he mentioned in a few interviews not too long ago but I do understand your point that a full blooded native american actor would have been more effective but let’s be real who would watch a movie starring a guy named Armie Hammer lol. Benjamin Anderson

  3. My only issue with this movie is they couldn’t find someone who at least is a little bit native american to play tonto