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1st Impression: The Walking Dead Season 9 | SDCC 2018

Enjoy the official SDCC 2018 trailer for season 9 of The Walking Dead

Release Date: 
October 7, 2018

1st Impression: When season eight of The Walking Dead was concluded the groundwork was laid for some internal conflict between Rick Grimes, Daryl, and Maggie and while that theme is definitely in this trailer the bigger conflict will be between the former Saviors and the other communities. While Rick wants to move forward and build a better world it looks like old grudges will take the groups on a much different path.

The departure of Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan is on everyone's mind going into this season which will be their last. While it is strongly implied across various outlets that Rick Grimes will die I am more curious about how Maggie will be written off and how they will address her baby. We'll have to wait till October to see where this new direction for the series takes us.

What did you like/dislike about the trailer? What do you think will happen to Rick and Maggie? Sound off in the comments below!