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1st Impression: Thor: Ragnarok

Trailer for Thor: Ragnarok on TrailerAddict.

Enjoy the first of many trailers for Thor: Ragnarok

Director: Taika Waititi | Writers: Greg Kyle, Christopher Yoast
Cast: Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Cate Blanchett (Hela), Idris Elba (Heimdall), Karl Urban (Skurge), Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/Hulk), Jeff Goldblum (Grandmaster), Anthony Hopkins (Odin), Tessa Thompson (Valkyire)
Release Date:
November 3, 2017

Plot Synopsis: Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok, the destruction of his homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilization, at the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela. – via IMDB

1st Impression:
 The first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is upon us and at first glance it reminds me a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy which is not a bad thing and makes things a bit more lighthearted considering what is a stake. Thor is facing a ton of obstacles and his only ally wants to whoop his ass in what has become one of the most talked about scenes from this trailer. I thoroughly enjoyed the trailer but I did not like how they gave away a huge and shocking moment but Marvel does this at times and it has become the norm. November can't come soon enough and I can guarantee we'll see a new trailer well before then.

What did you guys think of the first trailer and some of the reveals?


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