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1st Impression: Tomb Raider [E3 2012]

We all know Lara Croft and every game she’s been involved in has been met with mixed results. Crystal Dynamics & Square Enix took her back to her roots and stripped away all the over the top sexuality to give gamers something that will wow their senses much like Uncharted has done. It definitely had a lot of elements you’ve come to expect in the Uncharted games but it also serves as a reboot of the character which I hope can lead to some success. Maybe one day Lara Croft will run into Nathan Drake…. You never know!

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think

Trailer Credit: Gametrailers YT Channel

  • 88805659 80 80‘Tomb Raider' Delayed Until Early 2013(highdefdigest.com)

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