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Slick’s Nit-Picks: Young Justice, Episode 124 – “Performance”

Red Arrow is certain that there is a mole on the team and over the past few weeks, events have made his prime suspects, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis look very, well, suspect. He only joined the team at the request of former mentor Green Arrow until he is officially inducted into the Justice League. Regardless, he intends to make use of his time there to protect his friends. The worst part of that is that it looks like he may actually have to protect them. Unbeknownst to Roy, there are three big issues that we have to consider:

  • How far will M’gann go to protect her true Martian identity?
  • How much control does Luthor have over Connor?
  • Will Artemis listen to her father and turn her back on her friends?

The scariest part about Roy’s mole hunt will be the moment when he finds what he is looking for.

FAMILY TIES We find the team in a circus in Bruges under the disguise of “The Daring Dangers.” Robin is Dan Danger, M’gann is Dawn, Artemis is Diane, Roy is Dane and Connor is Dean. Kid Flash and Aqualad are decidedly absent on this mission that Robin claims was secretly given to him by Batman. The mission is to clear the name of Jack Haly and his circus. A string of high tech robberies is following the circus’ European tour. The truth behind the mission is that Haly runs the circus that the Flying Graysons performed in before Dick’s family was murdered. Robin wants to make clear an old friend’s name and he is the only one that believes he is innocent.

HELLUVA DRUG Since his fight with Match, Connor has been using the shields that Luthor gave him. They give him access to all of Superman's powers but like any drug, they have a nasty side effect. The whole problem with Match was that Cadmus geneticists could not properly copy the Kryptonian genome, leaving Match violent and unstable. The shields block Connor’s human DNA, which makes him angry and cloud his judgment. When the team tries to catch the tech thief in Bruges, a warehouse fire paralyzes M’gann with fear. Instead of saving her, he tries to go for the thief and Robin has to talk sense into him. Clearly the continued use of the shields is only going to bring him closer to Luthor and Cadmus.

MOLE REMOVAL Red Arrow joined this mission for the sole reason of discovering the mole. Superboy with his classic nosiness overheard his conversation with Robin and threatens Roy after he implicates M’gann. Way to go there Conner, because death threats against teammates is a surefire way to gain trust and make people think you are not the mole. Regardless of this, the team bands together to take down Parasite after he used the tech he stole to create a black hole. After the fight, Roy notes how each of the suspected trio did their part for the team. Even though Superboy jumped the gun, he still did his part to divert Parasite’s attention. Red Arrow’s conclusion is that there is no mole on the team, but we all know that has to be wrong. There is no way that the bad guys are always one step ahead unless someone is tipping them off.

This is one of those episodes I have mixed feelings about. Delving into Robin’s past and seeing the team go undercover were both cool. Regardless, the episode felt like filler. Robin explains why he left Kid Flash out of the mission, and considering the cover used I can understand why Aqualad would have been excluded. That doesn’t tell us where Zatanna was or how the team got away with a mission that Batman clearly did not send them on. Couple that with the fact that we never learn why Intergang wanted a device capable of creating black holes. There was no tie in to The Light, nor was there any hidden victory for the bad guys. At this late point in the season, this episode just does not fit. The only part of the episode that made sense was Red Arrow coming to the conclusion that there is no mole because it foreshadows the big reveal within the final two episodes of the season. Next week we are supposed to finally find out who the traitor is and I cannot wait.

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