With rumors that this film will close out the trilogy many Transformer fans are expecting a kick-ass finale. Looks like part of the film will elaborate further on the Transformers not being new to earth. With a new love interest  for Sam and new a bad guy in Shockwave let’s hope we get a better story and less hood-bots. 7-1-11 can’t come quick enough


  1. Oh so now we’re changing established history? Michael Bay is a certified retard. Due to the shitty treatment that Soundwave received, the announcement of Shockwave means nothing to me. Shockwave always meant more to the comics than to any on screen media anyway. Still no Dinobots and Sam having a new girl = another shitty story about “Why can’t you say you love me?” instead of focusing on the subject at hand.

    I’m with Iris and I soiled myself, but only for the purpose of throwing my poop at the screen. . . . . . IN 3-D!

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