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Tangled: The Review – Wait…what? Tangled? Yes Tangled.

OK, so you’re probably wondering why you’re seeing a review of Tangled, the new animated Disney flick based on Rapunzel on MTR. If you follow my posts, you’ll recall that the last title I reviewed was Splatterhouse. So why am I going from hardcore violence and gore to a musical romantic comedy? The answer is: Because Tangled is really, really good!

When I saw a few weeks ago that Tangled knocked the new Harry Potter film off its perch as the top grosser in only its second week of release, I knew something was up. There had to be a reason why this non-Pixar Disney cartoon, with no real star power was doing so well. I was glad I had the opportunity to find out.

Tangled is a great movie to take the entire family to. The new twist on the familiar Rapunzel story is extremely well done and the moviemakers did a great job of moving the plot along without any waste. The humor is fresh and typical Disney, entertaining for children and adults.  Yes this is a musical, but there are just enough songs so that the women are satisfied without scaring off the men. The hand drawn / computer generated animation is great with a few action sequences that were so good, they reminded me of The Incredibles.

If you need a movie to take your girlfriend or kid to, then Tangled is it! I will definitely be picking this up on Blu-ray when it comes out. It’s only been a few hours since we left the theater and my wife has already asked me to go see it again.