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1st Impression: Transformers:War For Cybertron-Trailer

As a huge Transformers fan I have always felt that games based on this brand were either ok or just flat out sucked. The movie games tried to add visual touches and 80’s skins to make it more appealing to die hard fans but in the end the formula wasn't as successful as they had hoped. Activision decided to try something new with this title now taking place on the Transformers home world Cybertron. While some are not fans of that concept I am simply because it removes the need to be locked into real world vehicles. I am sure people will complain about space tanks and space jets but I honestly think the may have got it right this time in terms of game play and fun factor. Not to mention that you can create your own Transformer to go to the war with the Autobots or Decepticons. I only hope that the customization is as good game play wise. Check out the game play and multiplayer trailers and judge for yourself.

Game Play Trailer

Create a character & Multiplayer action

Trailers Credit: Joystiq