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Cliff Bleszinski gives MTR no love

I have been on the fence about writing this post but as a host that tries to give his listeners great interviews and content I had to share this story. During the 1st week of March I decided to send Cliff a tweet asking if he would be interested in doing a call in to MTR. I was interested in having him on because he seemed like a cool guest to have and of course my video game fans who listen to the show would have had some great questions for him. Here is the exchange we had via Twitter with my tweets in red:

@therealcliffyb Hey Cliff, would love to have you on the show sometime to talk games. Who would I need to contact to set something up?


@MyTakeRadio No  that's just me being a smartass. 🙂11:55 AM Mar 2nd via TweetDeck

@therealcliffyb I was expecting that. But on a serious note it would be great to have you on11:58 AM Mar 2nd via UberTwitter in reply to therealcliffyb

@therealcliffyb Hey Cliff, Never heard back from you about setting up an interview. Would love to have you on.2:04 PM Mar 3rd via UberTwitter in reply to therealcliffyb

While I am all for sarcasm and joking around, the response I got seemed to be dismissive regardless of the “smiley”. I made a secondary attempt to contact him as you guys can see but in the end was met with zero response. Now I wasn’t expecting him to say yes but a more direct response would have been appreciated. Something like “ Sorry I can’t” or “Set something up with ______ “.  MTR is not the biggest fish in the gaming community and I am sure he wants major outlets that reach more people but I take pride in having passionate and knowledgeable fans that would have loved to talk to him.

Sure I would have asked about upcoming projects. Why wouldn’t I ? In the end though I am not angry nor bitter but I would like to remind him and others that we all started somewhere and it’s the little guys that contribute to everyone’s successes.

Best of luck Cliff unveiling Gears of War 3 and possibly Bulletstorm today and on Fallon tonight.

Image Credit Joystiq


Image Credit:Joystiq

Image Credit: Gameinformer

  1. Never shit on the “little guy” for he may one day be the Bigger guy and will be more than happy to shit right back on you, with a lot more asses.

  2. MTR is better off without a full of himself ass like that anyway. Gears of War is just a pretty Halo with cover.

    Bulletstorm looks like Gears of War with powers.

    1. Bulletstorm actually looks interesting, now that I read the GI article about it. The humor seems like it’s right up my alley, and the visual cues for achievements in the environment and the many ways to execute kills has me very interested. I’ll give more props to People Can Fly than I will for Epic. Seems like Epic is responsible for how the game LOOKS while People Can Fly is responsible for what the game IS.

      And don’t mind Cliffy. He still rages like a kid in puberty whenever you call him CliffyB like you’re calling him “kiddo” or “squirt” or “lil guy”. Dude’s got an inferiority complex like no other.

  3. Don’t even worry about it dude. This guy is a raging douche bag. I saw him once before Gear 1 came out at the digital life expo in the city. He was the quite kid in the corner at the dance. Since Gears blew up, he walks around like he’s the reinvention of fire. Honestly, he’s annoying anyway so your better off. If he says he tweets you wanting to call in, tweet him back saying “@therealcliffyb massage my sack :)” Hey, atleast you actually replied back.

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