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1st Impression: Voltron Force

For this weeks episode of MTR I will be joined by Jeremy Corray who is the creative director for the upcoming Voltron Force animated series debuting on Nicktoons on 6/16. Jeremy was kind enough to share some of the cool stuff viewers can look forward to when Voltron debuts. As an 80’s baby Voltron was a staple in my house and I have seen every attempt at resurrecting it fail miserably so when I found out they were going to be bringing it back I reached out Jeremy to not only share with the MTR listeners but also as a fan.  Here are all the details Jeremy was kind enough to share with us. Tune in tomorrow to learn more and possibly have some of your own questions answered. MTR broadcasts live at 11pm and you can listen live by going here.


Here are the Lions

Black Lion


Blue Lion



Red Lion


Green Lion


Yellow Lion


I don’t want to spoil too much but you check out more at the Voltron fanpage or just wait till the 16th.

For those thinking this is a reboot of the original series you’ll be surprised by the plot synopsis Jeremy was kind enough to share.

Set a number of years after the Voltron Force’s triumph over the Drule Empire, the series will follow the new adventures of the original heroes (Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Allura) through the eyes of three eager young cadets (Daniel, Vince, and Larmina). Like their mentors, the newest members of the Voltron Force are chosen by destiny to become part of the Voltron legacy, and are upgrading the team in both equipment and attitude. New bonds will be formed and old ones will be tested. The Voltron Force will have to come together to defend the universe from a menacing tyrant and a new and familiar evil…

And lastly how can I forget a trailer which I know you guys will definitely enjoy.

Tune in to MTR tomorrow night to learn more.