Every once in a while Disney does something so awesome that it motivates me to give them money. Wreck-It Ralph is that something. It feels like the Roger Rabbit equivalent of the gaming universe and that’s not a bad thing. I can only hope that it delivers nostalgia for older gamers and laughter for young ones. We’ll find out this November if it does.


  1. Right Rich, but if any of those “3rd party” characters are out of character at any time, I feel it could take away from the film. They help to set up the background and mood of the story… give the story a sense of reality even since they are established characters of a roughly 4+ decades of video game culture.

    •  @LauraSchanzel There is definitely no argument in that logic. I am shocked we did’nt see Mario or some other recognizable faces but then again that was the 1st trailer. I am pumped to see it but like you said it can either way. 

      •  @MTRHost I would be 100% shocked to see any Nintendo characters, honestly. Nintendo guards the rights to their characters as fiercely as Disney does theirs.

  2. Disney must think that the Russians are still the bad guys lol. I think the inclusion of the characters will be more for background with minimal altering. Ralph and his cast mates seem to be the ones doing most of the interacting.

  3. It certainly *seems* to be going in the right direction, but I’m still not entirely sold. Us gamers can be very meticulous too our favorite games and their storyline, and if Disney falls short on their research… that could be the snowball rolling down the snowy mountain, and kill the entire thing. 
    Take Zangief for example. Was he ever really a “bad guy” per se?
    I do, however, applaud Disney for even getting the rights to use these characters, for it wouldn’t be an authentic experience if they were just some cookie cutter characters.  

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