I can write a ton of witty shit about the GH franchise but we all know that it’s just like Madden. So I’ll just leave you with the trailer.


  1. I prefer Rockband as well, before they decided to make band specific titles, all they did was add weekly song updates to the PSN/Live stores, and that was fine.
    RB2 has been the most solid gaming investment I’ve ever bothered with.
    Being the first to offer backwards and cross compatibility only helped their cause as well.
    I wish they’d chill with the band specific shit and just release these as downloadable albums like they’ve already been doing, but they have to be solid competition for GH otherwise, they’d fall behind.
    green day and the beatles suck by the way, what a waste of product.

  2. Oh wait…

    Beatles Rock Band
    Rock Band: Green Day
    Guitar Hero: Metallica
    Guitar Hero: Van Halen


  3. As big of a rhythm game fan that I am, I don’t think I’ll ever purchase another Guitar Hero game again.

    I’ll stick to Rock Band.

  4. You know Rich, the witty shit you coulda written…would’ve probably been much more entertaining than that BS of a trailer. F*k Activision.

    • It really is sad that they can just churn out more of the same and add nuggets of innovation just to make record labels more money.

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