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21 New SuperStars Join The WWE 2K16 Roster

WWE 2K16 logo displayed on a blank white background.
WWE 2K16 logo displayed on a blank white background.

We are officially into September which means we are one month away from WWE 2K16 hitting stores. 2K announced twenty-one new superstars joining the already large roster. This newly announced set of superstars has the usual mix of active superstars, veterans and divas.  Who are the latest additions?

  1. Aiden English
  2. Andre The Giant
  3. Batista
  4. Chris Jericho
  5. Curtis Axel
  6. Edge
  7. Erick Rowan
  8. Fandango
  9. John “Bradshaw” Layfield
  10. Luke Harper
  11. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
  12. Natalya
  13. “Ravishing” Rick Rude
  14. R-Truth
  15. Ryback
  16. Santino Marella
  17. Sergeant Slaughter
  18. Simon Gotch
  19. Stephanie McMahon
  20. The Rock
  21.  Undertaker

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In-Game Screenshots

The announcement would not be complete without a new entrance video. This time we get Brock Lesnar's entrance which is of course perfectly accurate right down to Paul Heyman's stride.

Brock's face looks a bit off but I think it is because of the lighting . I guess we'll know when the finished product hits stores on October 27th. What do you guys think of the latest additions?