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31 Days of Gaming – Day Five: Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

Valkyria Chronicles_20151218093807

There were two things about this year's crop of games I constantly had issue with. The first was that of way too many remakes. The second was the issue of games not being worth their price tag. There were way too many times that a game fell into one of these categories and it was shameful that some fell into both. There were however some rare gems that had a little dust on them and still retained value. Today's installment in the 31 Days of Gaming spotlights Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, one of the few worthwhile remakes to come out this year.

I completely missed out on this game when it originally hit the PS3, as did many. RPG fans need this on their PS4. Even with Final  Fantasy XV finally out, this was an RPG that varied from others in its combat and its visual style. Behaving more like Final Fantasy Tactics if it were an anime, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is as beautiful as it is challenging. Each battlefield has pass/fail conditions and your troops can die permanently if you are not careful.

31 Days of Anime - Valkyria Chronicles

The game has a lot of talking but if you like jRPGS it will go over fine. It is very difficult to find a copy of this game for PS3 and the PS4 version is only $30. For that price tag, you get a game that looks like a legit cartoon and has dozens of hours of strategic RPG action in store. All of the game's original DLC is included at no extra charge. This was one time I was happy to have a remake come out and you should be as well.

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