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31 Days of Gaming – Day Four: Lumo

Lumo - logo

OOPS! I got so caught up watching WWE TLC that I forgot to post an article for December 4, 2016! Oh well, I am sure that Jay-Z will forgive me for not properly blessing his 47th birthday and I will double up later today. I want to go a little bit surreal today with a game that takes us back to classic arcade and computer games. A gentleman by the name of Gareth Noyce brought us just that with Lumo. THis game came out in late May and it was a dungeon crawler that was really a puzzler that was really an arcade gamce that was really anything you want it to be.

Lumo is a different game from one room to the next and almost every room is an Easter egg to older games and/or a pop culture reference from the 80s and 90s. Lumo is very easy to pick up and play but rather difficult to master. With over 400 rooms, you will have plenty of time to do just that. For a full review of Lumo, you can click here. Also, drop by Gareth Noyce's Twitter and let him know what you think of the game. He is a great guy and always responds.

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