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31 Days of Gaming – Day Ten: We Happy Few

31 Days of Gaming - We Happy Few

The 31 Days of Gaming is behind schedule, but we will get there shortly. As we play catchup, there will be a brief stop in creepy town, aka London. Today's pick is We Happy Few. It is a Steam Early Release and i am not sure when it will be complete. We still got a chance to play it this summer. thanks to our friends at Evolve. If you are a PC or Xbox One owner, this is definitely a game to look out for the final version.

31 Days of Gaming - pointed stick

Why should you play We Happy Few? Well, if you ever thought about mixing Bioshock, Austin Powers and taking mushrooms, Compulsion saved you the trouble. This game is a literal trip. You notice early on that something is wrong when a party breaking a pinata winds up being a bunch of wackos busting open a giant rat. . . and eating it. Your character needs to find out what is going on and survive at the same time. The problem is that you recently got off a hallucinogenic called “Joy.” It's like the best parts of every high ever but you pay no attention to what is going on around you. Now that you have crashed, you need to figure out who is in charge and why things are this way. Pretty much you against the world; good luck!

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