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31 Days of Gaming – Day Eleven: Grand Kingdom

31 Days of Gaming - Grand Kingdom

Today for our 31 Days of Gaming segment we have Grand Kingdom. 2016 was a very good year for RPGs. Unfortunately, a lot of them would be sleeper hits. Grand kingdom definitely fell into this category. Old school role playing fans will instantly love this. Newer aficionados may not care initially for the turn-based style, but they should still give this a go. What Grand Kingdom really had going for it was it's something for everyone approach to RPGs.

31 Days of Gaming - Grand Kingdom battle

The game has multiple modes of play. That is not even speaking of the choice to play a traditional RPG or go online and face others. After building your squad from the ground up (type, name, appearance) you take them to a chessboard of sorts. Depending upon your mission, there are different kinds of obstacles. You may face an opponent in the road that takes you to a battle screen like above. There are also foes you must tackle or avoid on the board itself. A cannon emplacement, for example, is not something you want to be in range of when it fires. You have to make your team avoid or destroy these obstacles, while making your way to the goal. Do it all within the allotted number of moves and you are rewarded.

PS4 and PS Vita owners would do well to have this in their collection if they enjoy a good strategic fight. For more details, read our full review.

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