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31 Days of Gaming – Day Thirteen: Gravity Rush Remastered

31 Days of Gaming - Gravity Rush Remastered

Sony first party titles are known for falling into that “out there” category of games. Look back to tiles like Journey, Flower and especially the Team Ico series. Despite the fact that these are rarely bad games, they often fall by the wayside with the general community. Today's pick for the 31 Days of Gaming is no different. Gravity Rush was a very good game, but this is one of those situations where it never really had a chance. Sorry Sony, but when you put a game on the PS Vita (only), it is kind of like you never really put it out. Thank goodness you had the sense to bring Gravity Rush Remastered to the PS4.

Let me say this: if you suffer from any form of motion sickness, this may not be for you. Gravity Rush Remastered is freaky. You can move in any and all directions at serious speed. Our heroine, Kat, along with her companion Dusty, are on a journey to find out who she is. Dusty seems to know, but he's a cat so that doesn't help too much. In the floating town of Hekseville, Kat must gather clues as she basically lives as a street urchin. She will make a few friends along the way, but she will make a few more enemies. The controls were designed around the Vita's gyroscope, but it works great on the PS4 once you get used to all the movement.

Gravity Rush Remastered is $30 on PSN, but there are always sales going on. I picked it up for $15 and while less is better, it is worth the full price. Check it out before the sequel drops next year.