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Yakuza 0 Welcomes You to the Nightlife!

The Yakuza series has always had side games based upon Japanese night life. In Yakuza 0, things will be a bit different! Kazuma and Majima turn up the heat as they shut down the town like never before. Hostess clubs, casinos, arcades, karaoke bars and even discos will be part of the action they can score when they aren't at work. The latest trailer shows us all manner of side missions / minigames to enjoy when Yakuza 0 finally graces comes West this January. Make sure to pre-order your copy and get the “Business Edition” (while supplies last).

Yakuza 0 - Business Edition

Yakuza o – is in retail an digital stores on January 24, 2017. It is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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