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King of Fighters XIV Adds Vanessa to its Roster!

King of Fighters XIV is back this week with a third DLC character! There is still one more to go, but today we focus on entrant number three – Vanessa! The boxing beauty returns to the King of Fighters tournament to perform pugilistic punishment on all perpetrators! A certain gentleman from Capcom might be a bit “cross” with her incredible ability to “counter.” Unfortunately, it seems as though the CvS and SvC days are behind us. Regardless, the burn to fight rages on as new characters will be added on April 5, 2017!

King of Fighters XIV - Vanessa's Good night Punch

As Vanessa would say (before delivering a KO), “GOOD NIGHT!” Stay tuned to R.A.G.E. Works for info on the final DLC character.

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