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4W Headphone Review: Bell’O Digital Sport (BDH751)


What is it?

The Bell'o Digital BDH751 is Bell'O Digital's sport headphone offering, which is marketed toward sports enthusiasts.

What do they do?

The BDH751 headphones provide a comfortable secure fit with their shapeable bend-and-stay ear hooks, which is a nice touch considering most ear hooks are stationary and use the “one size fits all” approach which. if you have small ears is not exactly the most ideal option. Unlike the Audio-Technica headphones we reviewed recently, these, while not waterproof. are sweat resistant and held their own during quite a few rigorous training sessions. The ear tips offered are pretty standard at small, medium and large and were surprisingly snug. The real star is the bendable ear hooks which are not only comfortable but live up to the promise of keeping your headphones in place. Jogging, step mill and even TRX body weight rows did not move the headphones from my ears. Inline controls and a mic comes standard with the mic being surprisingly clear for a sport headphone.

What’s wrong with them?

It was genuinely tough to find something wrong with these and I almost wanted to do a shootout between these and the Audio-Technica Sonic Sport. However, Bell'O continues to use the multi-function style button for their inline remote, which if you saw my review on mytakeradio.com for their BDH-821, you'll know how much I loathed that controller. I end up using my phone to change tracks, raise volume, etc. I would really like them to add some small buttons at minimum for audio.  I also feel that even at 4ft. the cable could have been a smidge longer. I will say that the waterproof option on the Sonic Sport would have been nice on these, but being sweat resistant will definitely serve most effectively.

Why do you/don’t you need them?

Bell'O continues to make a name for themselves in the headphone space and their affordable selection is worth checking out. They have not skimped out on any features, going as far as to even include a protective case for every headphone they offer. If you have a unique ear shape and are looking for a sport headphone with ear hooks then the Bell'O Sport headphones are an option to consider. If you think that a value priced brand like Bell'O would give you subpar sound you'll be in for a welcome surprise as you get nice crisp sound with just the right amount of bass.

My Take:

Bell'O has once again delivered a stellar and most importantly affordable set of sport headphones. The keep their track record of solid construction and crisp sound even when going small. I was very impressed with their BDH821 offering and I can now say that their sport headphones are just as great. As I stated previously, the only minor flaw (and that is more so for me versus most) is the inline control button. The bendable ear hooks lived up to the hype and their promise of a strain relief cable did get tested and also lived up to the hype as well. Don't let the unfamiliarity of the name fool you as Bell'O is definitely here to stay.

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