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4W Product Review: BenQ HT1070A Projector

Projector Type: DLP | Contrast Ratio: 15000:1 | Resolutions: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p‎ | Connections (Video): HDMI x 2, Composite Video (RCA) x1, VGA x1 | Connections (Audio): Mini Jack x 2 | Connections (Misc.): USB (Mini) x 1, RS232 (DB-9pin) x 1 |Max. Image Size: 30″ – 300″ | Light Output: 2200 ANSI Lumen  Accessories Included: Remote Control w Battery, Warranty Card (by region), Power Cord (by region), VGA cable, QSG‎

What is it?

The BenQ HT1070A is a 1080p plug-and-play DLP projector capable of creating images from 60 inches all the way up to 300 inches (for roughly the same price as most televisions on the market).

What does it do?

The projector is capable of generating a 100-inch picture with as little as 2.8m of space. The unit's small footprint makes it incredibly versatile and travel-friendly, plus the ease of set up gets you a picture on a wall or screen in minutes. With dedicated picture modes at the ready, you are guaranteed a solid picture whether you're watching Monday Night Football, playing the latest Assassin's Creed game or watching Stranger Things on Netflix in full 1080p definition.

What's wrong with it?

It would be easy to break down all the wrongs, but before I do, I wanted to touch on some vital items you should know when considering a projector for your home theater – the main one being space. If you want a 100-inch picture, you better either have a wide open wall, a drop-down screen or a free-standing screen because too often people overestimate how much space they have because they're enamored with the fact that a 100+ inch screen is within their grasp for cheap.

Next thing to be aware of is lighting, as it can make or break a good picture on a projector. Think of a trip to the movies and how dark it needs to be to see a clear and vibrant picture. Same rules apply here folks! This particular projector is an all-star in little to no light but turn on a lamp or room lighting or use it during the day in a well-lit living room and your picture will be washed out, which is a shame as the color has to be seen to be appreciated.

This projector has a built-in 10-watt speaker which while good, is a bit tinny. I recommend a soundbar or a good receiver to give you the best sound although you'll need some adapters due to the 3.5mm audio inputs. I would have liked an optical in or other digital audio option.

The last thing to be aware of with projectors including this one is lamp replacement. Most projector lamps have lifespans comparable to televisions (depending on usage) but the beauty of a projector is that if the light burns out it's as simple as buying a new one which can run you from $150-$300 depending on the retailer. Then you just have to swap it out. It is an added cost to consider, but one that cannot be ignored regardless of how good the unit is.

Why do you/don't you need it?

Why you “need” it: A good projector can replace most big screen televisions with comparable pricing easily. The HT1070A offers a lot of compelling reasons why it can be the centerpiece of your home theater. For starters, beautiful and vibrant colors, plus a variety of connection options including HDMI, VGA, and composite video give you ample options for use. You can connect most modern consoles, cable boxes and laptops easily including those older laptops and PCs with a VGA out.

Why you don't “need” it: If you are looking to just plug something in and be off to the races then this projector is not for you. It requires ample space if projecting onto a wall or the added expense of a drop-down or free-standing projector screen which you'll need to buy if no wall is available.

The need to modify the audio outs may also be cumbersome if you're looking to integrate the projector into your home theater set up.

My Take:

Growing up, I wondered what it would be like to play video games on a giant movie screen and the ability to do so is now possible. I thoroughly enjoyed using and reviewing this projector. The biggest issue for me was getting sound to an external device and not relying on the included in body speaker for audio. While the sound was passable, it definitely could have been better. The sound was along the lines of most speakers found on flat panels. A good workaround with regard to the sound options that I heard about from a projector owner was to use a Logitech PC 5.1 system or one of the new ones by Razer, but I had a perfectly good Vizio 5.1 that I would have preferred to use. Beyond the sound issues though, the picture quality offered by the projector was top notch especially in dimly lit or totally dark instances. While the gamer in me loved the giant display, the real showcase was movies. Films with overly dark scenes did not look washed out thanks in part to the high contrast ratio, which delivered true blacks while maintaining all the minuscule details. You look at a film like Pitch Black with new eyes given the impeccable color presentation being displayed. This projector is tailor-made for a basement home theater and should be considered if you're in the market for one. As I mentioned earlier in my review, please do your homework if you're considering a projector and feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about this one.

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