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4W Product Review: Eye-Fi Mobi Pro

What is it?

The Eye-Fi Mobi Pro is the latest WiFi-enabled SD card from Mobi which allows photographers to send photos and videos from their camera to either a PC/Mac or mobile device.

What does it do?

The Mobi Pro provides WiFi transfer capabilities to cameras that lack built-in WiFi. The Mobi Pro not only allows transfers of both audio and video, but also Raw photos as well. This eliminates the need for cables and also allows for higher quality images to be sent to a mobile device for sharing a variety of social media outlets.

What's wrong with it?

The Mobi Pro, while excellent for mobile transfers, does experience connectivity issues when it comes to PC transfers. It was not until a bit of digging on the Eye-Fi site that we determined that a PC needs a built-in wireless card to handle transfers. I have used cheaper hardware and software that did not require a PC to have a wireless card. Files were sent easily over WiFi to the PC when wired into the network. This was a feature that worked on previous cards with no issues. How can an app like iSyncr function better than something from an established company like Eye-Fi and not depend on a system having a wireless card?

Why do you/don't you need it?

If you are a casual shooter looking to do wireless transfers to your PC and mobile device then the Eye-Fi Mobi Pro is definitely worth exploring. But, if your camera already has WiFi capabilities you may want to master that before investing in the Mobi Pro.

My Take:

While the overall usage and storage capabilities of the Eye-Fi Pro met my needs, the fact that the connectivity was non-existent was frustrating. While shooting on the go, the Eye-Fi Mobi card and mobile app allowed me to share some amazing high-quality images on Instagram with minimal effort. If you want to add WiFi to  your camera without investing in new hardware then the Mobi Pro fits the bill quite nicely.