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4W Product Review: Foldio & Foldio 360 Smart Turn Table

A man is taking a picture of a white box using the Foldio 360 for a 4W Product Review.
A man is taking a picture of a white box using the Foldio 360 for a 4W Product Review.
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What is it?

The Foldio is a portable studio with built-in dimmable LED lighting that allows the user to take high-quality pro-grade product photos anywhere. This product can be used alone, but we reviewed it in conjunction with the Foldio 360 Smart Turn Table and the Foldio App.

The Foldio 360 allows the user to take 360° images using just a smartphone via Bluetooth or via IR from your DSLR.

A Foldio motorcycle displayed on an Orangemonkie pedestal.

What does it do?

The Foldio 2 and Foldio 360 allow anyone to capture stellar well-lit product photos, whether for eBay or product reviews while remaining ultra-portable and ultra-versatile.

What's wrong with it?

Honestly, the overall build quality and portability are incredibly well done and the only thing people may have an issue with is the price as the stand-alone Foldio 2 has a $75.00 price tag which is a bit on the high side, but the dimmable lighting justifies the more premium pricing in my opinion. You can go slightly smaller with the Foldio 1 which has a $39.00 price tag but is smaller measuring 10.2″ versus the 15″ Foldio 2.

The Foldio 360 retails for $139 but its Bluetooth and IR connectivity, coupled with the built-in light again make the price negligible.

Orangemonkie would do well to secure some retail distribution since the demonstration at the PhotoPlus Expo is what sold me personally.

The Foldio app for Android is nowhere near and good as the iOS version, so if you are on Android you will not get access to some of the more cool features that the iOS offering brings to the table.

Why do you/don't you need it?

If product photos are a big part of your work and you want something small, portable and easy to set up you would be hard-pressed to find a better offering that is so versatile. The Foldio iOS app is a welcome addition to the overall package and eliminates the need to use a large camera (even though you have that option).

My Take:

Orangemonkie created a product that many would think they would not need but once you start using it you will ask yourself how you managed to take product shots without it. The improvement in my eBay photos alone has led to increased sales, coupled with being able to just use my Android or iOS device versus my heavy DSLR, it has made the Foldio 2 and the Foldio 360 a valuable part of our toolkit at RAGE Works.  If you would like to order your very own Foldio studio you can head here.

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