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4W Review: iRig Mic Cast

What is it?

A portable mic that can be attached to the headphone jack of an iOS or Android device (some devices excluded) turning your mobile phone or iPod into a portable recorder with substantially better audio.

What does it do?

It gives your existing mobile device a unidirectional mic that minimizes background noise and allows for significantly better audio. The included headphone jack also allows the interviewer to monitor their audio. The iRig Mic Cast includes two gain settings that toggle mic levels on the fly as well. There is nothing worse than capturing audio in a loud setting and having your subject vanish into the surrounding noise. iRig Recorder and VocaLive are included with the unit providing a solid recording app as well as a multi-effects processor for aspiring singers.

What's wrong with it?

My only small gripe is that the standard iRig has three sensitivity settings which allows a bit more customization to the overall presentation. The iRig Mic Cast utilizes only two which is not a total negative, but something that needed to be mentioned.

Why do you/don't you need it?

The appeal of iRig Mic Cast is to not have a full mic rig like the standard iRig mic or an external recorder/mic combo. I feel the iRig Mic Cast is ideal not only for podcasters and reporters, but also students who record lectures and for individuals in the corporate sector who can use it to capture meeting minutes.

My Take:

As a broadcaster/podcaster, it is always imperative to deliver crisp clean audio to your audience and sometimes you end up having to deal with sub par audio from a built-in microphone on a cellphone to capture quick interviews on the go. It is a lifesaver when capturing during a con or conference since you have the long battery life of a cellphone/iPod vs. AA and AAA batteries and everyone always has a charger within reasonable proximity. People looking to amp up their audio recordings on the go will love this little device that is a steal at $39.99


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