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7 Days to Die – The Blood Moon is Coming

7 Days to Die has four basic precepts:

  • Scavenge
  • Build
  • Defend
  • Survive

Kicking off the summer gaming season, the game that The Fun Pimps describe as “Minecraft meets Fallout” comes to consoles for the very first time. If there is no rest for the wicked then your character must personify the word. Everything runs on a seven day cycle. You will begin the game (almost) naked and you have seven days to prepare for the onslaught. I have seen a lot of gameplay from the PC community and think of it like a balloon that takes a week to fill. The difficulty raises gradually and when the balloon is full you learn why it is called 7 days to Die. The blood moon brings forth the horde and if you are not properly prepared, you'll just be dinner. If you manage to survive the night, it starts all over and you will need to fortify what is left of your home and defenses. While you do not have to team up with the people online, a well fortified community stands a better chance than a solitary home. Also, we have seen from The Walking Dead just how dangerous the living can be. Find out how long you can survive the madness when 7 Days to Die comes to PS4 and Xbox One on June 28th.

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