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Score Rush Extended Is the Ninth Level of Bullet Hell!

Score Rush Extended defines that warning games give about possibly experiencing seizures! The trailer alone sent my eyes into overdrive and that is only scratching the surface of this shoot 'em up. This is the game that fans of the genre have been waiting for. This is the game that would have eaten rolls of quarters back in the golden age of arcade games. This is the game that you definitely should not play while tripping on acid. . . .

Don't do drugs cuz drugs're bad, mmmkay.

Yeah, drugs . . . definitely bad

Endless enemies, swarms of projectiles headed your way and massive, screen-wide explosions are the name of this game. Couch co-op for two or four players means more madness for everyone! Score Rush Extended dares you to destroy it before it can destroy you. Get ready because it hist PlayStation 4 next Tuesday, May 31st.