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88 Heroes Coming On 8/8

88 Heroes are on their way to save the day! Basically, the really ood heroes were busy with other things, so we have to rely on these guys. They aren't even second stringers (or third or fourth). If this were Star Trek, these would be the guys you send in BEFORE the red shirts. So what if they make the Mystery Men look like the Justice League, they are here to save the day! As long as they can do it in 88 seconds or less, we will all be able to rest easy in our beds tonight. If they don't make it. . . so what, there's 88 of them. Statistically speaking, at least one of them should prevail. Frantic 2D platforming action from the golden age of arcade coin-op comes home this August. Check out the trailer and check out 88 Heroes on August 8, 2016!

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