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A Girl’s Take On Comic-Con

A Note From Rich-My other half decided to share her thoughts on comic con.

Enjoy her take

10. The kiosk hot dogs smell like stinky feet cheese….please don't eat them for fear of the H1N1 Virus…

9. We arrived late and missed Ric Flair….for that we got The Bushwackers instead…BOO! Lesson learned: Go early next time.

8. Candice Michelle from WWE (oops not any more) is as annoying IRL as she appears on tv…and her clothes do not match…

7. I found out that porn stars like Naughty By Nature because they put on a good show and perform like they are on tour. Also, I made a mental note that their “line of business” apparently makes you sound like a 2 year old with high levels helium in their body, and makes me want to rip my ears off.

6. Thomas Jane's penmanship is that of a preschooler writing with his/her feet using a paintbrush…and he is indeed a lunatic.

5. Dear Douchebag at the Twilight table: EPIC FAIL for trying to tell me Christian Serratos was Kristen Stewart as if I didn't watch the movie 3 times. That my friend makes you an asshole – a blind one at that…so STFU before I powerbomb you through a table.

4.  Linda Hamilton likes touching fans… to quote her””It's all about the connection, man. I can't keep my hands off these people,” Hamilton said. ”

3. Women think that a superhero costume automatically makes them look sexy, no matter what. I think I actually saw the Green Arrow's costume seams screaming in agony for help. Oh, and if it is a male character, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE IT A WOMAN'S COSTUME!!! It doesn't make sense!!!

2. . It is a prerequisite to have at least one Imperial Storm Trooper present at all conventions. Apparently Emperor Palpatine has stock in Wizard.

1. I want the Batmobile for Christmas…and the site accepts Paypal. Do the math.

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