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10 Things I learned from The Big Apple Comic-Con

I should have made this post at the same time Slick made his but I didn't get a chance to. I now present you with the 10 things I learned at the Big Apple Con.

10.Bathrooms at comic conventions are the worst known to man.I'd compare them to a bathroom at Penn Stattion

9.Dear fat kids please wear costumes fitting your body type. Last time I check Venom could see his toes without sucking in his gut

8. Girls sometimes make better male characters then guys.

7.Thomas Jane has a potty mouth lol and he's fucking nuts.

6. Former playboy models, wrestling divas and b-movie babes all wear tight clothes and have leathery looking skin.

5. I can sneak up on Lou Ferrigno and yell in his bad ear that he's a douche and get away with it.

4. Virgil/ Vincent from WWE/WCW is a very nice guy

3. Pete Rose is a douche and Kane should find him at every show and choke slam him lol.

2.Comic Swag has really fallen off.

1.Hygiene is optional at comic con now a days. Nothing says nerds & geeks like cornchips and butt cheeks