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A New “Wave” coming to 360 games?

So, today is my birthday and I decided I was going to take a look at the upcoming games for the fall and see if I would preorder anything. I notice something weird-A(very) slightly new design on 360 game boxes. Take a look here at a few very popular titles coming up:

All of these are standard 360 box art fare. Now two of these titles are 360 exclusives and one is not, so I figured that the new design I saw has nothing to do with exclusive titles. Now let’s take a look at the new design:

Now none of these titles are 360 exclusives but there are some high profile titles in there. The last Call of Duty on the 360 is probably the highest grossing game title on a home console in 2010 thus far. Doing a quick search, I find that a) this “wave” was the symbol on the invites to the 360 Kinect event at e3 and b) prior to being called “Kinect,” one of the names Project NATAL was tossing around was “Wave.” Does the symbol indicate Kinect support for these games or maybe it is just a box art redesign overall with all future games to bear it? The reason why it stuck out in my head is that the Wave completely removes “XBox Live” branding from the front of a 360 title and that is huge. Branding is huge to all companies and Microsoft is no different. Granted, any Call of Duty game is going to support XBL but I am curious to find out why they removed the brand. More on this story as I find it.

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