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1st Impression: Danny Trejo’s Vengeance

I’ve always liked Danny Trejo. From the knife guy in Desperado to his role in Spy Kids  it seems that Mr. Trejo needed that one role to make him a mainstream icon. When I saw the fake trailer for Machete I said to myself “if this movie were real it would be awesome” shortly thereafter I heard it was being made and I knew it would be talked about everywhere.  In keeping with the revenge theme Danny is doing another movie called Vengeance which borrows the gritty feel and viciousness of the Deathwish series. If anyone can carry the torch of the great Charles Bronson I think  Danny Trejo has the cojones (balls for non spanish speaking readers hahaha) to do it. Catch Danny Trejo’s Vengeance 11-11-10

Look for a cameo by former WWE/WCW wrestler DDP too.

Trailer Credit: Traileraddict